eco is a boutique design firm which aspires to envision and create memorable, culturally appropriate developments with lasting value. eco believes that environmental awareness is key to great design solutions and we must listen to the land for an appropriate response. We seek to work with like minded client's to develop sustainable and appropriate design solutions. eco was established during the summer of 2017, we are a start up...with over 30 years of relevant experience, extensive travel and a passion for great design that set's us apart. All of the images shown have been created under the direction of Matthew Beehler as Director of Planning / Landscape Design at WATG, JZMK,  Belt Collins International, Peridian Asia, and as

Founder and Director of Design @ MEGA and b.)2 design.

Intuitive. Knowledge of international standards, trends, and expectations.

With over 30 years of planning and architectural experience across US, Europe, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia, we offer a broad perspective on viable planning and design for each of the different regions. Our approach respects the values and heritage of each culture, but also aims to introduce new horizons in line with international standards.


Value. Time-tested systems of Quality, Efficiency and Professional Delivery.

Over the past decade, we have excelled with the latest in communication and project delivery technologies, minimizing the inherent inefficiencies of international coordination.  We have organized our practice around responsiveness and flexibility, allowing us to scale resources swiftly and appropriately with various projects, thus maximizing value for our clients.


Experience. Highly creative talent from the world’s top design firms.

The founders of CBLD | eco have invaluable experience collectively; all come from a background of the world’s most renowned design firms; WATG, JZMK,

Helbert Haster, Belt Collins Singapore, Peridian International, Lifescapes International and EDAW. With them came the values, the discipline, and the know-how required to execute eco-projects on an international scale. 

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